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Temporary Hair Straightener


Straightens Curly Hair without any Harsh Chemicals and Leaves a Stunning Shine.
Paraben Free
With Natural Extracts.

Thermo Protector against Flat Irons and give Hair a Lustrous Shine

Alcohol Free

No Chemical

Made in USA


JEEZ Temporary Hair Straightener: In today’s busy and hectic life style JEZZ temporary Hair Straightener straightens CURLY HAIRS without any harsh chemicals in just 5 minutes and leaves a stunning shine.

Thermo Protector against Flat iron & give hair a Lustrous Shine

– Paraben FREE

– With Natural Extract

– Require few minutes only

DIRECTION: Mix a portion of Temporary Hairs straightener with few drops of liquid HAIR POLISH on your palm and distribute on the hairs evenly from roots to end using a comb then straightener process with FLAT IRON.


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