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SexXxtreme – Nutralake Healthcare



– Powerful Formula for Male Sexual Enhancement
– May Improve Desire and Male Function
– May Invigorate Life Strength


Eclipta Herb Haemostatic, Antimyotoxic & Antihemorrhagic.
Epimedia Herb Extract Sexually stimulating effect on males, dilates coronary vessels
L-Arginine (Base) (see Arginine)
Ligustri Fructus Extract Improves the tone of the kidneys, replenish the vital essence, nourish the liver, visual acuity
Muira Puama Extract Prevention of sexual disorders, loss of appetite.
Nettle Leaves Extract Sexual tonic promote milk flow in nursing mothers
Pumpkin Seed Oil contains zinc for sexual maturation.
Saw Palmetto Extract Inhibit formation of Dihydrotestosterone which causes enlargement of prostate
Schisandra Berries Extract A warming herb that strengthens the Qi, tonifies lungs & kidneys.
Yohimbe Bark Extract Erectile dysfunction (ED), raised plasma norepinephrine (ACTH)
Zinc (Sulfate, 36.4%) sexual maturation, impotence


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