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Menstrual relief – Nutralake Healthcare

Menstrual relief


– May Relieve Cramps, Headache and Backache
– May Help Reduce Water Weight Gain, Muscle Aches, Breast Tenderness & Fatigue
– All Natural Fast Acting Ingredients


Angelica Sinensis Root Powder (Dong Quai) Possess sedative; improve circulation, relief headaches
Cinnamon Bark Powder (Gui Pi) vasodilating & warning
Cnidium Rhizoma Powder (She Chuang Zi) Good for vaginal Enchomoniasis, eczema, reinforce Yang in Kidney
Ginger Rhizoma (Sheng Jiang) relieve motion morning sickness, treat migraine headaches
Ginseng Root (Ren Shen) increase physical endurance and lessen fatigue, improve stress capability
Glycrirrhiza Root (Gan Cao) Antiinflammation & Increase immune system, steroid-like Endocrine System
Poria Cocos Powder (Fu Ling) Cardio tonic, pelvic infections.
Rehmanniae Root (Shou Di Huang) Treat hemorrhagic anemia & promote rapid recovery of blood deficiency.
Tree Peony Bark (Mu Dan Pi) Anti-inflammatory, reduces arthritic joint swelling.
Tsangshu Rhizoma Powder (Cang Zhu) Nourishes the
White Peony Root Powder (Bai Shao) Treats female diseases, stop excessive menstruation, relieves abdominal pain


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