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Laxative Herbal Tea | for Constipation | Now in Pakistan


For Constipation

25 Tea Bags


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What may go wrong with drinking herbal laxative tea as a dieter’s reducing aid and constipation reliever? Do better choice exist? We hear the word herbal and reflexively link it with something good healthful and natural. When used improperly, they might be harmful. Drinking herbal laxative tea is not likely to help you shed weight.┬áIf you have problems with constipation, you may be looking at a herbal laxative tea as an alternate to the more powerful over the counter laxatives. Many stimulant laxatives sold more than the counter or recommended by physicians. Stimulant laxatives herbs work by aggravating the walls of the bowel to increase peristalsis. With time and particularly with abusive use, it may harm the intestines. Stimulative laxative include senna leaf, rhubarb root, buckthorn, aloe, castor oil and cascara are their primary elements. Adverse effects can range anyplace from diarrhea, vomiting, sickness, stomach cramps, long-term constipation, fainting, and even death. Individuals who are suffering from chronic constipation may encounter these signs with stimulant laxatives sold more than the counter as well. Just as with these types of laxatives, over dependence can occur.


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