diabetes symptoms

Diabetes Symptoms in both type 1 and type 2

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Diabetes symptoms is a disorder of health that affects the entire body. Where the ingested system is fails to utilize glucose level for our body to maintain the sugar of body. Blood glucose also called blood sugar. When our body system produce too much sugar in blood it develop diabetes. Glucose level should be maintain to good health high level of sugar in blood is harmful for the healthier life. Kidney is responsible to kick off extra glucose in the blood.

Food provide a glucose to human body it helps to grow muscles and functions to liver in good manner. Human blood carries the glucose and injected in the cells in whole body. Food provide a glucose means sugar it convert into energy to make healthy body.

The pancreas produced insulin from blood and insulin is a chemical that helps glucose to mix in body cells. If insulin releases by pancreas in less amount then glucose can’t get in body cells it causes too much amount of glucose it is the symptoms of diabetes.

diabetes symptoms

Secondary diabetes symptoms:

When pancreas tissues damaged with any medical situation it creates secondary diabetes. Because pancreas play a main role to manage the sugar level in the body.

Pre diabetes symptoms

When blood glucose is higher but not reached at the level of diagnose it is called pre-diabetes. It is often create the symptoms of type 2, heart and stroke disease etc. pre-diabetes patient have many chances to avoid from type 2 to follow few instruction such as weight loss and other physical activities.

 diabetes symptoms


1-type 1

2-type 2


1-What is type 1 diabetes symptoms?

When immune system of body attacked the cell of pancreas. Therefore, pancreas is not able to produce the insulin and its affect the glucose level and then it develop type 1. Because insulin is responsible to manage the level of sugar in the blood and pancreas responsible to produce insulin.

Type 1 is also called insulin dependent diabetes. It is usually develop in teenagers.

2- What is type 2 diabetes symptoms?

Type 2 diabetes is common type that discover in huge amount of diabetic patients. Type 2 is discover in any age but it is usually invent in after 35 years of ages people. Type 2 is also called adult-onset or non-insulin-dependent diabetes.

When body cells are not able to resist the insulin and insulin can’t get Type 2 is controllable by the patient to doing some exercises such as loss body weight and follow the diabetic diet plan. And type 2 diabetic patient is necessary to get insulin injection. Over weighted people have too much risk of type 2 diabetes?

3-Gestational diabetes symptoms:

Gestational diabetes symptoms often occur during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes solved once the baby born. Gestational convert into type 2 when mother remain overweight after their delivery and also required insulin during pregnancy period.

Symptoms of diabetes:

When glucose is not use as an energy as regularly and glucose stays in human blood it develop to symptoms.

The common symptoms of type 1 and type 2 is:

Urination frequently

Urination increases means to much increase symptoms of many more different diseases and disorders. Urination is often in night time. Frequent urination are common symptoms to increase blood sugar in the body.

Increases body weight

If you are urinate frequent as usual then you Increase thirst frequent then you require more water as compare to normal person. And Kidneys wastage the more then glucose in shape of urination .It is the main symptoms to increases thirst.

Increase fatigue

If your insulin system not working properly and glucose not proper inject in your blood cells it is the lake of energy it fells the more tiredness.it also the symptoms of diabetes.

Skin infection

When more amount of sugar in your body it create difficulty to recover skin infections.it also affects foot.for foot care patients required foot treatment such Diabetic Silver Socks it is best product for diabetic foot.

Increase hunger

If your insulin system not working properly and glucose not proper inject in your blood cells it is the lake of energy. Because insulin doesn’t able to convert food into fuel or energy for body.

More Tired feel as usual

If your insulin system not working properly and glucose not proper inject in your blood cells it is the lake of energy it fells the more tiredness.

Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is caused by affect our eye lenses and also disturb focusing functionality of eyes. It is recoverable with earlier treatment otherwise it causes of blindness.

Tingling or Numbness

When the body contain too much sugar in the blood it become symptoms of disturb or damaged the nerve system that affects the usually numbness or tingling of feet and hands.

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  1. Diabetes is often a chronic disease which is often well controlled
    by maintaining balanced diabetic diet. Inclusion of
    fruits in diet plays a vital role in leading the kitchen connoisseur.
    Which each one is the favourable fruits for diabetic patients?

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